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Wakesites Member Profile: NCWCJosh

Portland, OR
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Ride For Yourself: In other words; Strive to make your ride the best it can be for you and you will be doing your part.
My Interests
Family, friends, gettin my ride on whatever
My Equipment
Slingshot 145 Response finless because fins are for fish.
My Tricks
slow smooth ones.Anything more than a 5 on the water is rushed unless its a super Dub or your Randy Harris.
My Inspiration
Integrity, People who make it look easy (cuz its not)My baby Girl, Originality(its easier to be a clone).

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Hands full of Tenzin
Movie Poster
trying it
Hist. Lineup
Josh Smith
Josh Smith
Josh Smith
Josh Smith
Josh switch TS indy 3
Josh Smith

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