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Wakesites Company Profile: DPC Films

DPC Films
Foster City, CA

About DPC Films
This isnt just some guy who plopped down a few too many bucks on bad DV equipment to film his bros. DPC was formed by a group of people who have a passion for active sports and a desire to spend more time in the water and on the hill.The genesis of this venture starts with one David P. Cervenka DPC. This crazy Czech spent his younger years hucking and chucking his ass off anything. Whether he was blazing the Mammoth downhill or embedding gravel into the bridge of his nose this kid was balls out.Eventually Cervenka took his passion for gadgetry and and riding and blended them with his years of experience in fine photography. He schooled himself in the ways of professional filming and editing. Hes been out there every chance he gets honing his skills and spending many sleepless nights mastering the art of editing. The guy is dedicated and it shows. He has a creative filming style always looking for the best shot or a different angle. His editing brings it all together and give us fresh new look at the sports and lifestyles we love.
Foster City
Foster City, CA

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