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About Wakesites was built for Riders, by Riders. We are Riders, Media and Industry with one vision: The healthy progression of wakeboarding and wakeskating. The Wakesites mission is to provide a place for people from all cultures and diversities to come together and be a part of the growth of Wakeboarding and Wakeskating.

Wakeboarding and wakeskating are the two fastest growing action sports for more than a decade. Innovative technology and its advancement is a major focus for Wakesites and its dedicated riders. Wakesites is a place for riders and manufacturers to show how they are constantly pushing the sport to new levels as well as a place for the media to document this progression.

Wakesites philosophy is that the sport begins with the rider and ends with the rider. Wakesites is rider owned and operated with a vision in which the rider pushes the industry to embrace open-minded technologies and develop new innovations through the riders’ style and progression. Style over Standings. Quality over Quantity.

Wakesites provides a place for all Riders, Media, and Industry to show what they can bring to the table to help grow the sports. We believe all companies--small, medium and large--that participate in the sports should have the opportunity to show their products and services and collectively influence in a positive way a healthy progression of wakeboarding and wakeskating.

Help us build the sports! Join Wakesites today!
Paul Nobles and Josh Smith

For more information about Wakesites, please email us:

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